Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Coming up...

Future Plans  
·         An evening school for older people from the same area.
·         Socio-economic Research conducted during August-September, 2013 emphasis on a need to create awareness about side effects of addictions in the all age groups. Vardhishnu is planning to start an awareness campaign against side effects of addiction.
·         Library and Computer Training Centre.
·         Vardhishnu is planning to start a regular weekly/biweekly health check-up camps for the waste pickers with the help of local doctors.
·         Study of school dropout rates of Municipal Corporations schools running in slums and try to enroll drop-out students as well as uneducated children in to the schools.
·         Vardhishnu doesn’t believe in creating a parallel system. We rather believe in making the current system stronger and better. Thus, after looking at the success of this evening school we shall collaborate with the educational authority of Jalgaon Municipal Corporation and propose to them to allow us to work with the Municipal School in Tambapura for next academic year starting from June, 2015. We plan to take advantage of RTE and influence admitting these children in mainstream schools. Volunteers of Vardhishnu will work together with the staff of municipal school and try to solve the problems faced by them to run the school smoothly. We will also try to increase the standard of education given at this school. Vardhishnu’s evening learning centre will keep running for the children not going to school.

·         After looking at the success of the evening learning we will replicate the same model and start the evening learning centre school for the waste pickers living in other parts of the city.

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